Water rocket

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Wa´ter rock´et

1.(Bot.) A cruciferous plant (Nasturtium sylvestre) with small yellow flowers.
2.A kind of firework to be discharged in the water.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Air Zone played host to water rockets, Spider Mountain, the climbing and bouldering walls and the ever popular Zip Wire.
I had fun presenting our own science project on hydroponics at the annual science fair, and got exhilarated while launching our DIY water rockets.
There also will be water rockets to launch; space-themed workshops; astronomical projections and music from the Cream Tees.
Water Rocket competition was conducted among the school students to promote space awareness and create interest in aerospace, aeronautics and physics among youth through the science of water rockets during World Space Week.Space theater was also part of it.
During the Competition, the students were required to build two water rockets and launch them three times.
The range of activities that can interest children is wide, including water rockets, fruit batteries, wind-driven land yachts, and electric circuits.
The weigh-in--usually around 4 p.m.--is a thing of pomp and circumstance with TV anglers riding metal-flake water rockets through the crowd on their way to the scales.
Finally, there was 60-Second Science in Class 5 where they made flying objects, including paper planes, chemical and water rockets and balloon helicopters.
Aeromodelling events - Balsa glider, water rockets made all gaze the gliders gliding in the open sky.
Following the film, SPACE experts will enlighten the participants on the Basics of Water Rocketry and they will be further guided to craft their own water rockets. After the workshop, participants will launch the models resembling rockets which they have made - created with empty plastic soft drink bottles, adding water as fuel and pressurizing it with air for launching.
The student program topics included biodiversity, origami, local wisdom, water rockets, bio luminescence, atomic energy, fish robots and atomic energy.