Water cell

Wa´ter cell`

1.(Zool.) A cell containing water; specifically (Zool.), one of the cells or chambers in which water is stored up in the stomach of a camel.
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You may have also spotted him on the TV series Impractical Jokers, where he was a stunt consultant on a Houdini water cell escape act.
Likewise, in very soft water cell density did not significantly increase in any silver treatment.
The diffusion pattern was photographed starting within 30 sec of loading the water cell and then once every ten minutes until the end of observations [1].
Bio-macromolecular structure is very strongly connected to water, thus on the surface of biological structures the lifetime connection of "water cell membrane" can reach 10-5 seconds ("bound" water), remaining water is in a quasi-free state and the lifetime is 10-11 seconds (the so-called 'free" water).
Formation of Water Cell in the P&D Department to take up the issues of Sindh, with Hisaar Foundation serving as advisers.
The standard technique of absolute comparison to a water cell NMR signal will not be precise enough for this purpose.