Water color

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Wa´ter col`or

1.(Paint.) A color ground with water and gum or other glutinous medium; a color the vehicle of which is water; - so called in distinction from oil color.
2.A picture painted with such colors.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It contained a sketch in water colors of the village and the woods, and Francine had looked at the view itself with indifference--the picture of the view interested her.
He was a little worn, in spite of his youth, but he was tall and agreeable, had a winning way of taking a kind and soothing view of the misfortunes of others, could tell a story well, liked music and could play and sing a little, loved the arts of design and could sketch a little in water colors, read every magazine from London to Paris that criticised pictures, had travelled a little, fished a little, shot a little, botanized a little, wandered restlessly in the footsteps of women, and dissipated his energies through all the small channels that his wealth opened and his talents made easy to him.
"Water Color" will return to Taipei Zoo on July 6 for a special performance, with animals part of the audience, after doing well in China.
He has great contribution in the field of art at national and international level and is the country head of International Water Color Society.
calligraphy, figurative art, sketches, buildings and abstract art while using oil on paint, water color, pencils and charcoal.
Is the water color constant, or is one end murkier than the other?
Each poem's heart is delicately captured in one or more accompanying water color paintings.
A water color tattoo is slightly different from a traditional permanent tattoo.
Head of the team, Waleed Al-Fadhel told Kuwait News Agency that there are major infringements and waste in that area that resulted in the change of the water color into black as a result the owners of boats and ships throwing their large quantities of fuel oils in that area.
The AQUA CANYONS(tm) use gravity to create completely unique Water-Through-Web (WTW) liquor exchanges, while simultaneously permitting the operator to see wash water color and fine-tune flows.
Adorned with stunning detail in sensitively painted water color illustrations of Tatty the butterfly in many natural surroundings, "Tatty, The Lonely Monarch" recounts what happens to the delicate butterfly when she is unable to keep up with her fellow butterflies on their autumnal migration to Mexico.