Water course

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Wa´ter course`

1.A stream of water; a river or brook.
2.A natural channel for water; also, a canal for the conveyance of water, especially in draining lands.
3.(Law) A running stream of water having a bed and banks; the easement one may have in the flowing of such a stream in its accustomed course. A water course may be sometimes dry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The next two obstacles, the water course and the barrier, were easily crossed, but Vronsky began to hear the snorting and thud of Gladiator closer upon him.
From its mouth up to its head--for gulches, like rivers, have an anatomy of their own--the distance does not exceed two miles, and the width at bottom is at only one place more than a dozen yards; for most of the distance on either side of the little brook which drains it in winter, and goes dry in the early spring, there is no level ground at all; the steep slopes of the hills, covered with an almost impenetrable growth of manzanita and chemisal, are parted by nothing but the width of the water course. No one but an occasional enterprising hunter of the vicinity ever goes into Macarger's Gulch, and five miles away it is unknown, even by name.
Rivers abound, it is true; but this region is nearly destitute of brooks and the smaller water courses, which tend so much to comfort and fertility.
"An Indian lost in the woods!" said the scout, shaking his head doubtingly; "When the sun is scorching the tree tops, and the water courses are full; when the moss on every beech he sees will tell him in what quarter the north star will shine at night.
Apart, in separate compartments, were spread out chaplets of pearls of the greatest beauty, which reflected the electric light in little sparks of fire; pink pearls, torn from the pinna-marina of the Red Sea; green pearls, yellow, blue, and black pearls, the curious productions of the divers molluscs of every ocean, and certain mussels of the water courses of the North; lastly, several specimens of inestimable value.
One of the highlights of the Teesside Redevelopment Corporation's tenure during he 1980s and 90s was the building of the Tees Barrage and, alongside it, the Teesside White Water Course.
Under the plan, all encroachment on the Nullah will be removed and a protection wall on both sides of the water course will be constructed besides widening its water bed and expediting the pace of work on the two bridges being constructed on the Nullah.
A NEWCASTLE-based consulting engineers has been awarded a PS5m Olympic Legacy contract at the Lee Valley white water course, where Team GB won gold and silver this summer.
A CONTROVERSIAL application to discharge sewage into an important water course in Rhyl has been rejected by the Environment Agency.
Padi Open Water Course: EUR264 (Partner goes free).