water witching

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wa′ter witch`ing

the search for or discovery of underground water sources by means of a divining rod.
[1875–80, Amer.]

Water witching

The use of a small forked branch of a tree to find underground water, and thus determine water well sites. There is no scientific evidence that water witching actually works.
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Dawkins spent an hour lambasting such innocuous beliefs as astrology, water dowsing and even reading tealeaves, which hes aid were all driven by our need to fit pattern son the world around us, and so gain the feeling there is meaning in every thing we do.
Water dowsing, or divining, is the most commonlyknown variety.
For homestead use I will only try to explain the technique of water dowsing with a forked branch.
The first part of Betz' new report, running 43 pages in the spring Journal of Scientific Exploration, describes Schroter's water dowsing in 10 developing countries.
And Water Dowsing explains how some people use forked sticks, coat hangers, even car keys to find underground sources of water and minerals.
Water Dowsing Liverpool Rangers are giving a talk on the origins of water dowsing with practical demonstrations by tracing the ancient Oskelbrook Stream underneathOtterspool Park.