Water frame

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Wa´ter frame`

1.A name given to the first power spinning machine, because driven by water power.
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You'd need to know a little more to remember that Arkwright's water frame was patented in 1769 - 36 years AFTER the flying shuttle.
And you'd need to know a bit more still to know that the John Kay of the flying shuttle wasn't John Kay the clockmaker who helped Arkwright with the water frame.
1771--Richard Arkwright invents water frame, which uses waterwheels to power looms.
However, mature oaks and water frame many of the fairways (water comes into play on 15 of 18 holes), so to shoot a low score you have to hit the ball accurately off the tee and hit approach shots to an area of the green that will allow you to hit a level putt or an aggressive uphill putt.
In another room, a guide demonstrates spinning by spindle and spinning wheels, and clearly shows why and how new technology (the spinning jenny, water frame, spinning mule) was needed to supply fabrics for an expanding population.
This assignment will build upon the considerable track record of ARCADIS with implementation of the Water Frame Directive.
The brutal, nonfiction reality of population pressures contaminating the Earth's air and water frames the dramatic narrative, which involves multiple Hollywood celebrities as well as ordinary people struggling to get by.