Water grass

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1.A tall march perennial grass (Paspalum dilatatum) of the southern United States and the American tropics.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Most of the wetland is covered by aquatic plants, rushes, papyrus and water grass.
Loyant controls key grasses such as barnyard grass, junglerice, water grass, and broadleaf signal grass, as well as sedges including rice flatsedge, smallflower umbrella sedge, yellow and purple nutsedge.
Rigolet is alive with traditions with expert craftspeople and artisans producing handcrafted salt water grass pieces and authentic sealskin garments.
"Honey, black seed, green tea, zaater, thyme, ginger, fresh garlic and water grass, are basic substances every person should have in their home for good health," Al Khaja said, listing off some of the herbs which line his store's shelves.
Drip or bubbler irrigation systems are highly efficient; placed just below the surface of the ground these systems root water grass and plants to prevent the high rate of evaporation, runoff and overspray that occurs with above ground systems.
"We have soft reeds and water grass that grows from the bottom of the pond to provide shade.The plants are used by the creatures for cooling and hiding from predators."
Masatomi Matsuoka, 54, of the Asahi fishermen's cooperative, who operates around Chikubu Island on the northern part of Lake Biwa, said, ''In addition to alien fish extermination operations, there are other reasons such as a favorable environment for the prawns with flourishing water grass. We should not be optimistic about the prospect of domestic species' revival in the face of growing overabundance of nutrients.
"Questions of the Day" may include, "How much more did the water grass grow than the no water grass?
There is also a wild rice, which despite its name is actually a water grass, not a grain.