Water leg

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Wa´ter leg`

1.(Steam Boilers) See Leg, 7.
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"Initially the drilling of two down dip injection wells located in the water leg of the FS reservoir would be carried out.
Meanwhile, a sandstone sample with low QGF-E intensity (<40pc) is classified as part of current water leg; otherwise, it is the sandstone absorbed with hydrocarbon onto the grain surface.
Stefanie has a cupboard full of legs for every occasion - including a water leg, a high-heel leg, an everyday leg, a general sports leg and a cheetah leg, which she wears for competitions.
Carol Bick, aged 51 and Alison Kite, aged 33, are walking the 10km Draycote Water leg of the Kellogg's Great Walk from John O'Groats to Lands End tomorrow.
This range also includes: hot water anal evacuation for pigs, sheep and cattle; hot water leg vacuums for sheep and cattle; hot water neck vacuums for sheep and lamb; spinal cord vacuum systems; and product transfer and handling vacuum systems.