Water leg

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Wa´ter leg`

1.(Steam Boilers) See Leg, 7.
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Neither of these reservoirs exhibited a water leg, and both had good, live oil shows during drilling; suggesting that they may have been previously oil-filled, with the oil being displaced to a down-dip oil rim by subsequent gas migration.
Stefanie has a cupboard full of legs for every occasion - including a water leg, a high-heel leg, an everyday leg, a general sports leg and a cheetah leg, which she wears for competitions.
Including the plaintiff's water leg and running leg, the total cost of future care ranged from $2,349,162 to $4,338,664, for an average of about $3,344,000.
Carol Bick, aged 51 and Alison Kite, aged 33, are walking the 10km Draycote Water leg of the Kellogg's Great Walk from John O'Groats to Lands End tomorrow.