Water lizard

Wa´ter liz´ard

n.1.(Zool.) Any aquatic lizard of the genus Varanus, as the monitor of the Nile. See Monitor, n., 3.
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New fisheries are always welcome in the area to meet the growing interest in the sport and trout water Lizard Lane Fishery is the latest fishery to open its doors to coarse angling.
"If we are right, it could be a breed of salamander that lives in the Appalachian Mountains, a cold water lizard. That could explain why it can survive in this lake," he said.
Inspired by Maori culture, the work contained a water feature carved in the shape of a water lizard.
Why: Apart from being home to dolphins, crocodiles, water lizards, kingfishers and herons, Bhitarkanika is one of the last refuges for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle.