Water motor

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Wa´ter mo´tor

1.A water engine.
2.A water wheel; especially, a small water wheel driven by water from a street main.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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WAZIRABAD -- Four persons died of electric shocks from an electric water motor while trying to save each other during seven-hour-long heavy rain in village Khosar Baryar, some 12km from here on Saturday.
The preliminary results showed the loss of 72 computers representing the contents of the lab, college offices and the electronic library, referring to the loss of three sound waves, destruction of two screens and damage of several office furniture and the clinic chairs as well as sound waves, two vaults and a water motor in addition to a number of losses that are still under counting.
Water motor could not be made functional despite spending hefty amounts on it several times.
On inquiry it was found that diesel containers were being shifted to the rooftop for diesel generator, during which some diesel had spilt on a water motor on ground floor which caused fire.
Akhtar requested consumers not to touch pedestal fans or water motor pumps without switching them off.
In Water Motor, Brown, dressed in loose mint-colored trousers and lilac leotard, swings her legs and arms loosely, her body sometimes tilting sideways, sometimes undulating so that the arms curve into seemingly involuntary shapes.
Water motor at Zoo has also remained dysfunctional for two weeks in a month that is why animals at the Zoo fell in several diseases due to water scarcity and lack of quality food.
8 -- A man identified as Zulfiqar, 18, was electrocuted while fixing the water motor in his house at Badar Commercial Street, DHA.
Shortly after iftar, the mother of the girl sent her to switch on the water motor on the top floor of the house.