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Any of various filamentous, often parasitic heterokonts of the division Oomycota, characterized by bearing female gametes in oogonia. Oomycetes include the downy mildews and other species that cause plant diseases such as late blight. Also called water mold.

o′o·my·ce′tous adj.


(Botany) any organism of the phylum Oomycota (or Oomycetes), formerly classified as fungi but now usually included in the kingdom Protoctista or Protista: includes the water moulds and downy mildews
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The plague is a type of water mould. Outbreaks are characterised by mass mortalities of crayfish without any apparent effect on other organisms.
Similarly, fungi and fungi-like micro-organisms, oomycetes (commonly known as water mould), destroy a third of all food crops around the world which would have fed 600 million people.
The problems resulting from this can be growth of water mould or fungus on the natural nail.
Water mould will grow under the nail extension if it lifts and allows water to lodge between the extension and the natural nail.
"The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher," says a Chinese proverb.