Water pitcher

Wa´ter pitch´er

1.A pitcher for water.
2.(Bot.) One of a family of plants having pitcher-shaped leaves. The sidesaddle flower (Sarracenia purpurea) is the type.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Yes, I would find King Arthur's Round Table once more--I had already found it several times--and use it for a base of departure on an exploring tour for my bed; if I could find my bed I could then find my water pitcher; I would quench my raging thirst and turn in.
It occurred to me, now, as it ought to have done before, that as the table was round, it was therefore of no value as a base to aim from; so I moved off once more, and at random among the wilderness of chairs and sofas-- wandering off into unfamiliar regions, and presently knocked a candlestick and knocked off a lamp, grabbed at the lamp and knocked off a water pitcher with a rattling crash, and thought to myself, "I've found you at last--I judged I was close upon you." Harris shouted "murder," and "thieves," and finished with "I'm absolutely drowned."
Nevertheless, Sir Knight, I drink this cup to thee, to the success of all true lovers I fear you are none,'' he added, on observing that the knight (whose brain began to be heated with these repeated draughts) qualified his flagon from the water pitcher.
When the city starts construction work, residents will get a faucet water filter or a filtered water pitcher -- or both, if they want -- along with replacement cartridges for one of the two.
For the NA-113 candidates, Riaz Fatyana of PTI was allotted the sign of Cricket Bat, PML-N nominated candidate Chaudhry Asadur Rehman, Lion, PPP nominated Rana Naseem Iqbal, Arrow, Tehreek Labaik nominated Ahmad Shehzad Shah, Crane, Babar Khan, King, Haidar Ali Khan, Horse Carriage (Tanga), Rana Hasbi Ahmed, Bucket, Sarwar Chaudhry, Pencil, Syed Asad Abbas Shah, Mud Water Pitcher (Matka), Mohammad Zafaryab Khan and the sign of Sheep has been allotted to Nadeem Shehzad.
"At public events, residents kept asking me 'Does my water pitcher remove microcystes?' and my answer was always, 'I don't know,'" Chaffin admits.
My flat-tummy water pitcher was already filled and set for overnight soak with fresh ingredients (cucumbers, lemon, ginger and lemons), my clothes were already folded and arranged in the wardrobe and not piled on my bed as usual after laundry and to top it all, that chicken gravy was exceptionally good.As I scooped up the last spoon of thick tasty chicken gravy, my mother dropped the other shoe of this special treatment that had begun with a sweet phone call earlier in the day.
For a more space-efficient size, the Santevia Water Pitcher offers six stages of filtration and is the perfect companion for urban living.
Kamandal - a water pitcher used by Hindu ascetics - rhymes with Mandal and this catchy slogan got voter attention.
Dartmouth researchers tested a set of inexpensive, readily available tabletop water pitcher filters for their ability to reduce the arsenic concentration in drinking water to levels below the EPA standard of 10 ppb.
However, to take it a step further, the college student can also invest in a water pitcher. Ideally, the college student will want a water pitcher that also filters the water to make the water in the residence hall taste better.
Take, for example, one of FirstBuild's very first products--an auto-fill water pitcher that tapped into a water line in the refrigerator and refilled the pitcher automatically.