Water pocket

1.A water hole in the bed of an intermittent stream, esp. the bowl at the foot of a cliff over which the stream leaps when in the flood stage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They sent the pipe directly into a water pocket that happened to contain a methane deposit.
But our 18 decoy spread produced nothing that morning in an open water pocket that held hundreds of mallards overnight.
"The biggest concern during the bore was potentially hitting a water pocket under a two-lane road or divided highway that could result in a collapse," says Metzger.
If fitted vertically in a water pocket, immersion heaters are prone to fill with scale which acts as an insulator causing the element to burn out.
A recently paved 12-mile stretch over Boulder Mountain's 9,200-foot summit offers a relief-map overlook of the Water pocket Fold formation.
A young barred owl sitting in a tree above the Wakulla River stared down at me as I eased my kayak under an overhanging tree limb which made a shadow on a deep water pocket. The young owl didn't seem impressed with my chances of catching anything.
He said the recent visit by Prime Minister Imran Khan was of no use for Tharis, as according to him, being a premier of the country he miserably failed to announce any relief package for the worst drought-hit people of Tharparkar adding he said that Sindh instead of saving the lives of Thais by providing them the facilities of quality healthcare and drinking water pocketed the huge funds meant for the welfare and bringing the change in the lives of the people of the desert district.