Water thief

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Wa´ter thief`

1.A pirate.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There will be readings at the RNLI on June 10 from new Iron Press book "Shtum" by poet David Bateman on the experiences of the life of a stutterer and the same day will see the launch at the same venue of The Water Thief, the latest work by Cullercoats novelist Kitty Fitzgerald.
FFOS LAS: 2.30 Subcontinent, 3.00 Colour Catcher, 3.30 Water Thief, 4.05 Bright Cecily, 4.40 Le Maitre Chat, 5.10 Golden Jubilee, 5.40 Spider Lily.
YORK: 6.00 Mayfield Boy, 6.30 Vallarta, 7.00 Water Thief, 7.30 REGAL HAWK (NAP), 8.00 Bartack, 8.30 Innocently.
YORK 6.00 Mayfield Boy 6.30 Vallarta 7.00 Water Thief 7.30 Regal Hawk 8.00 Bartack 8.30 Innocently.
THE WATER THIEF is a lovely rebuttal to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and offers a simple story set in the future and revolving around the life of one Charles Thatcher, employee to a corporate business that owns just about every business in the world.
The Water Thief by Nicholas Lamar Soutter (978-1-4679-7227-7, CreateSpace)
The water thief took part in a major UK fracas that resulted in misery, destruction and death.
Replying to a question, Jamaat Ali Shah said that India had never been tainted as a water thief, nor it had been ever defended.
Mumbai, March 25 (AN): A non-governmental organization in Mumbai exposed a suspected water thief by laying down a trap here on Thursday.
June 10 also sees the launch of three new IRON Press books, including Kitty Fitzgerald's political fable, The Water Thief, and David Bateman's Shtum, a funny and moving collection of poems based on the writer's experience of life with a stutter.
MUSSELBURGH: 4.30 Water Thief, 5.05 Scoreline, 5.40 Silver Duke, 6.10 Lockhart, 6.40 Little Shambles, 7.10 Titus Bolt, 7.40 Irish Girls Spirit.
Water Thief is a relatively optimistic shout to get off the mark at the third attempt when he goes for gold in the EBF Old Crossleyans Rugby Club's 90th Birthday Median Auction Maiden Stakes at Beverley.