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 (wô′tər-fərd, wŏt′ər-)
A borough of southeast Ireland south-southwest of Dublin. A major port, Waterford is famous for its glass-manufacturing industry.


1. (Placename) a county of S Republic of Ireland, in Munster province on the Atlantic: mountainous in the centre and in the northwest County town: Waterford. Pop: 101 546 (2002). Area: 1838 sq km (710 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port in S Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Waterford: famous glass industry; fishing. Pop: 44 594 (2002)


(ˈwɔ tər fərd, ˈwɒt ər-)

1. a county in Munster province, in the S Republic of Ireland. 50,190; 710 sq. mi. (1840 sq. km).
2. its county seat: a seaport. 41,054.
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Noun1.Waterford - a port city in southern IrelandWaterford - a port city in southern Ireland; famous for glass industry
Eire, Ireland, Irish Republic, Republic of Ireland - a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
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The originator of the Jacob's brand name was the small biscuit bakery, W & R Jacob, founded in 1851 in Waterford, Ireland, by Wil liam Beale Jacob and his brother, Robert.
optional extras: exterior coldframes shelving quote to include: supply, delivery and installation in grow hq in waterford, ireland.
Concurrently, the company is growing its proprietary product business in Waterford, Ireland through the construction of a centre of excellence for its proprietary elastomeric sheeting and injectable component product lines.
In fact, we have created a specialty line that is crafted in Waterford, Ireland, and features the artistic work of some of Ireland's master craftsman.
Bausch + Lomb Waterford goes eco Contact lens company Bausch + Lomb (B&L) has completed a new heat and power generating plant that will supply its Waterford, Ireland, manufacturing facility with 60% of the electricity and 80% of the thermal energy that it needs to run.
Harry told students from St Paul's Community College in Waterford, Ireland, and Wolsingham School in County Durham: "It's important that you are here.
The couple: Victoria Copner, 28, from Llandaff North and Justin Dowd, 29, from Lismore in County Waterford, Ireland.
Meagher, a native of Waterford, Ireland, who fought for the Union in the American Civil War, has a personal history of mythical proportions.
com)-- Apico, an Ireland-based startup providing cloud telephony infrastructure for embedding voice calls and SMS/text messaging into software apps, today announced the official opening of its new office in Waterford, Ireland.
based provider of packaging components and drug delivery systems, broke ground recently on its new 95,000-square-foot plant in Waterford, Ireland.
West Pharmaceutical Services, a US-based designer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging and delivery systems, announced yesterday that it is to open a new manufacturing site in Waterford, Ireland.
is expanding its global manufacturing operations with a new site in Waterford, Ireland that will produce packaging components for insulin injector cartridges and other packaging components.