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n.1.A pile of salted fish heaped up to drain.
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Osborne's other producing credits include John Woo's Face/Off, The Waterhorse, The Warrior's Way, China Moon and Syrup.
Campbell's allusion to how there may be some occasions where the waterhorse is mentioned as an abductor of children nevertheless belies his efforts at clearly separating these two channels of tradition.
On Monday evening members and friends of the Methodist Church enjoyed watching the film The Waterhorse.
Unlike lumbering blockbusters such as The Golden Compass, the Waterhorse and even Harry Potter, this is a movie that moves along at a swift lick and is not afraid to be scary, which is becoming unusual for afamily film.
On Wednesday, the whole family, minus baby Shiloh headed out to the movies to watch The Waterhorse.
And that's also the case for The Waterhorse, based on a book by Babe author Dick King, about two children who find the egg of the Loch Ness monster.
ass), but who had a good side as a stellar aspect of Isis, and as a goddess of pregnancy; the facing page carries three carefully chosen waterhorse images: a hippo-hunting scene from Saqqara (part-symbolizing the preservation of order), a lotus-decorated faience model, and a head from Tut's wooden bed (the protective, rebirthing function).
Waterhorse and her horse both benefitted from the training expertise of famed horse whisperer, Monty Roberts, who has been Booth's mentor for many years.
The trials and tribulations of the team behind Scots kids' adventure The Waterhorse are first on to the screen.
Now Douglas has been given a whopping advance of Pounds 10 million by Harvey Goldstein of Miramax Films to repeat his big-screen success with The Waterhorse to be filmed at Loch Ness.
The titles optioned are "George Speaks," "The Waterhorse," "Martin's Mice," "The Cuckoo Child" and "Daggie Dogfoot.
Waterhorse is Scots writer Douglas Rae's follow-up to the hugely successful Mrs Brown.