Waterton Lakes National Park

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Wa′terton Lakes′ Na′tional Park′

a national park in W Canada, in S Alberta. 220 sq. mi. (570 sq. km).
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Parks Canada is committed to providing high-quality visitor experiences in Waterton Lakes National Park and is working to re-open areas and facilities given the exceptional circumstances resulting from the Kenow wildfire.
These records include captures from Waterton Lakes National Park (WLNP), wind turbine mortalities in the Pincher Creek area of southwestern Alberta, and captures from the Drumheller region in southern Alberta.
The 90-pound female cougar attacked 16-year-old Mykaela Belter in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.
Tomback and others published an assessment of specific areas of whitebark pine in Montana's Glacier National Park, Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Waterton Lakes National Park was first created in 1895 only ten years after the first park reserve was set aside to protect the mineral springs at what is now Banff National Park.
So I took a three-hour drive to the Nelson Ranch in Mountain View, on the edge of the Waterton Lakes National Park.
The area is all public land and is located within Alberta's Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve, bounded on the south by Waterton Lakes National Park, the west by the provincial border, the north by the watershed divide between the Castle and Crowsnest watersheds, and the east by the Forest Reserve boundary.
Two of three genotypes occurred throughout the study area, but the third was found only in Waterton Lakes National Park.
Cathy Cripps, who is working with resource managers and visitor relations staff from Waterton Lakes National Park (WLNP), is part of a project that aims to restore fire to the national park, reduce the impact of noxious weeds and restore disturbed sites to native vegetation, including whitebark and limber pine.
Take a short drive north of the border to explore Glacier's sister park, Waterton Lakes National Park.
Place Names of Glacier National Park: The Fascinating Stories Behind 663 Geographic Names in Glacier National Park, Montana, and Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta lives up to its title.