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 (to͞ot′sē) also Wa·tut·si (wä-) or Wa·tu·si (-to͞o′-)
n. pl. Tutsi or Tut·sis also Watutsi or Wa·tut·sis or Watusi or Wa·tu·sis
A member of a Bantu-speaking people inhabiting Rwanda and Burundi.



 (wä-to͞ot′sē) also Wa·tu·si (wä-to͞o′sē)
n. pl. Watutsi or Wa·tut·sis also Watusi or Wa·tu·sis
Variants of Tutsi.

[Kinyarwanda : wa-, pl. human prefix + -tutsi, Tutsi.]
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(wəˈtuːzɪ) or


n, pl -sis or -si
(Peoples) a member of a cattle-owning Negroid people of Rwanda and Burundi in Africa
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(ˈtut si)

n., pl. -sis, (esp. collectively) -si.
a member of a tall-statured, traditionally pastoral people of the kingdoms W of Lake Victoria in E Africa: a ruling caste in these kingdoms and in the modern successor states of Rwanda until 1961 and Burundi up to the present.
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Noun1.Watusi - a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and BurundiWatusi - a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi
Burundi, Republic of Burundi - a landlocked republic in east central Africa on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika
Ruanda, Rwanda, Rwandese Republic - a landlocked republic in central Africa; formerly a German colony
Bantu - a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa
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Ali begins her audition when everyone leaves after confronting Tess over her reluctance to give her a chance, and dazzles her with a perfect routine to Wagon Wheel Watusi, much to the annoyance of Nikki.
'I remember the triangle and the watusi (firecrackers often used by Filipinos to greet the new year).
They were identified as Ponciano Vanosa Maglana, 53, a resident of Ciudad de Esperanza; Roy Rosario Laruya, 37, a resident of Purok San Vicente, Zone 2; Dennis Taypen Tabuada, 43, a resident of Pioneer Village, Buhangin; Joeryl Parian Ambol, 40, a resident of San Lorenzo, Buhangin; Francis Ceasar Sitjar Navarro, 30, a resident of Molave Street, Buhangin; and Rommel Arcillas Veraces, 39, a resident of Watusi Street, Buhangin.
Soon, Sinturon ni Hudas, pantoche, watusi, Super Lolo, among other firecrackers were introduced.
7183, Talaboc said that firecrackers and pyrotechnic such as "Baby Rockets", "Bawang", "Small Trianggulo", "El Diablo", "Judah's Belt", "Kwitis", "Watusi", "Sparklers", "Luces", "Fountain", "Jumbo Regular", "Jumbo Special", "Mabuhay, "Roman Candle, "Butterfly", and "Airwolf".
On the other hand, those which are banned outright are watusi; piccolo; Super Lolo; Atomic Triangle; large Judas's Belt; large Bawang; Pillbox; boga; Goodbye Philippines; Bin Laden; Mother Rockets; Lolo Thunder; Coke-in-Can; Kwitom; Atomic Bomb; Five Star; pla-pla; Giant whistle bomb; and kabasi.
The following fireworks are listed illegal by the Philippine National Police (PNP): piccolo, watusi, giant whistle bomb, giant bawang, large Judas belt, super lolo or thunder lolo, atomic bomb, atomic big triangulo, pillbox, boga, kwiton, Goodbye Earth, Goodbye Bading, Hello Columbia, Coke-in-Can, kabasi, OG, and other unlabelled and imported firecrackers.
From magnificent glitch beat and saxstoked opener Magazin - recalling a super slinky Prince doing the watusi with Marc Bolan and Tom Petty - their rhythmically tantalising style swings sure, free and funky.
For years Marshall and his Watusi fishing team has dominated the wahoo divisions in Sebastian Inlet tournaments and he fishes the Oculina Bank exclusively.
In its third week, the road project is deep into Doe Community already because marked structures on the routes from CEMENCO and WATUSI were cleared ever since, unlike in Clara Town where Public Works Ministry has gone back to do remarking of structures which will include some homes while by-passing the Clara Town Football Field.
The decade was a golden era for dance crazes with everything from the Mashed Potato and the Watusi to the Madison and the Hokey Cokey getting people going.