Wave line

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(Shipbuilding) a line of a vessel's hull, shaped in accordance with the wave-line system.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was a clear threat to wildlife, so we heaved what was left of it above the wave line and promised to come back to dispose of it properly when it was dry.
It is simply illegal to sell a certified organic cleaning product that contains SLS in it." Consumers are seeking eco-friendly non-toxic cleaners and are reading the labels, says Rachael Gleason, public relations & social media manager for OMI Industries, the Barrington, Ill.-based company that makes the Fresh Wave line of natural deodorizers.
Momeni also added to its handtufted Nu Wave line for the first time in a while, and many new designs were influenced by water, including one that was reminiscent of water and oil mixing.
"Move very quietly into position above the wave line on the beach," said Sturgis.
The microstrip line widths are 126 [micro]m for the 50 [OMEGA] microstrip line, 100 [micro]m for central line of the coplanar input, and 250 [micro]m for 50/[square root of 2] [OMEGA] quarter wave line inside the coupler.
as the break of the wave line and spontaneous water flow especially in
The quarter wave line sections [Z.sub.S3] and [Z'.sub.S3] do not affect the impedance matching [17], for a initial choice they are chosen [Z.sub.S3] = [Z.sub.0]/ [square root of 2]K, [Z'.sub.S3] = K[Z.sub.0] / [square root of 2].
They offer a little more height than the regular Wave line, bringing tons of bold color.
/Momeni's New Wave line has softened up a bit with shades like lavender.
ahead, deer wake to your imagn'd silence, leap for their lives through cedar budding kinnickinnic giant firs, breezes raising whitecaps racing toward you, & you await the moment when the wave line hits & you lift your eyes to the new sky where all the sleepers are finally pushing seaward skyward in a mad rush where the cranes lift themselves & are gone, as you are.
Meanwhile, HPM is replacing its Next Wave line of two-platen hydromechanical presses with the new Freedom series.