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(Biography) Archibald (Percival), 1st Earl. 1883–1950, British field marshal. During World War II he was commander in chief in the Middle East (1939–41), defeating the Italians in N Africa. He was commander in chief in India (1941–43) and viceroy of India (1943–47)


(ˈweɪ vəl)

Archibald Percival, 1st Earl, 1883–1950, British field marshal and author: viceroy of India 1943–47.
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Noun1.Wavell - British field marshal in North Africa in World War IIWavell - British field marshal in North Africa in World War II; he defeated the Italians before being defeated by the Germans (1883-1950)
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It was owned at the time by Heath's pal, a former nurse called Mike Wavell who became president of the island's defence committee in charge of Jersey's police force.
Contractor address : Unit 1b, Eden House Wavell Drive Rosehill Industrial Estate
The soldier, part of Frontier Force Rifles of the British Indian Army, was posthumously awarded the medal for " most conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work" in 1946 by the then Viceroy, Field Marshal Lord Wavell.
Wavell in the Middle East 1939-1941; a study in generalship.
After serving under Wavell, Auchinleck and Monty for two years, we landed in the hell of Salerno, Anzio plus other trips too numerous to mention.
AN ARTICLE in Saturday's paper regarding a memorial garden in honour of the first Earl Wavell said he died in combat in Kenya in 1953.
The Alan Owens Big Band Dance will take to the stage of the Hambleton Forum together with Northallerton Musical Theatre Company''s children's choir and pupils from Wavell Community Junior School.
West Indies officials said that the 26-year-old will return home, and has been replaced by opening batsman Wavell Hinds.
Archibald Wavell is less remembered which is a pity.
That left Derbyshire in trouble on 59 for three and although Steve Stubbings and Wavell Hinds dug in for 28 overs, Glamorgan grabbed three late wickets to finish on top.
Only four overs went for double figures and although Wavell Hinds and Stuart Law added 56 in six overs, they were never allowed to break free.