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n.1.One who works in wax; one who makes waxwork.
2.A bee that makes or produces wax.
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worker, wore, woke, wear, weak, waxer, ware, wake, rower, rework, rear, rawer, rare, rake, axer, awoke, WAXWORKER Wordsquare: M.
Marie may have been the daughter of Philippe Curtius, the fashionable Parisian waxworker for whom her mother was housekeeper, but there is no evidence, beyond the fact that Curtius trained Marie as a wax modeller and left her all his property.
Yet the waxworker's art establishes a singular relationship between the model/victim and the executioner."(21) L'etude des mannequins de cire du musee Tussaud fournit une analyse critique de l'interpretation des decapite(e)s de la Terreur.