Way of the Cross

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sta′tions of the cross′

or Sta′tions of the Cross′,

a series of 14 representations of successive incidents from the Passion of Christ, set up in a church or outdoors and visited in sequence for prayer or meditation.
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The five sets are reproduced, and give a fine indication of the breadth of inspiration the Way of the Cross offers.
They create a dialogue between the cross-burdened Jesus and me in almost breezy, contemporary language: "Though you are you, and I am I, yet we are truly one--one Christ" (Everyone's Way of the Cross, Ave Maria Press).
David Bartlett says it well: "If the great puzzle of Mark's Gospel is that Christ's death is the sign of Christ's sonship and God's love, the smaller puzzle is like unto it, human life is most alive when we, too, follow in the way of the cross." What's Good about This News?, 42.