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 (vĭ-zîr′, vĭz′yər)
A high officer in a Muslim government, especially in the Ottoman Empire.

[Turkish vezir, from Arabic wazīr, burdened, minister, from 'āzara, to help, derived form of 'azara, to surround; see ʔzr in Semitic roots, or from wazara, to carry a burden; see wzr in Semitic roots.]

vi·zier′ate (vĭ-zîr′ĭt, -āt′, vĭz′yər-ĭt, -yə-rāt′) n.
vi·zier′i·al adj.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan
[C16: from Turkish vezīr, from Arabic wazīr porter, from wazara to bear a burden]
viˈzierial, viˈzirial adj
viˈziership n
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(vɪˈzɪər, ˈvɪz yər)

also vi•zir′,

a high government official in certain Muslim countries, esp. in the former Ottoman Empire.
[1555–65; < Turkish vezīr < Arabic wazīr]
vi•zier′ate (-ɪt, -eɪt) vi•zier′ship, n.
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Noun1.vizier - a high official in a Muslim government (especially in the Ottoman Empire)
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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[vɪˈzɪəʳ] Nvisir m
grand viziergran visir m
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nWesir m
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[vɪˈzɪəʳ] nvisir m inv
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