a.1.Having a thin, sharp face, like a weasel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Handsome, bullying Tommy and weasel-faced, high-pitched Frankie share a similar chemistry to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, with Frankie struggling to assert himself.
Elsewhere, dim-witted Holly Hagan loudly threw up and weasel-faced one-night stand predator Gary Beadle was somehow once again a hit with the ladies.
SELDOM are sights more scrumptious than a weasel-faced and adulterous sports mercenary who has made millions chasing balls - and losing his own, apparently - outed by a self-confessed love-rat who claims he's blown the whistle on weasel-face to protect the "freedoms" of the poor.
ASTONIGHINGLY, Chucklevision has been running on TV for 20 years, particularly baffling because it appears to only have one plotline: the weasel-faced Rotherham mirthmeisters are asked to look after a hotel/stately home/cod farm for a weekend, despite a glaring lack of any formal qualifications or experience, cause havoc and get chased around for a bit by the returning owner.
Mark is one of the best things about Kerry - the K-Fed to her Britney, only even more weasel-faced.
Elsewhere, Laura brings the unusually named baby Bobby home, which peeves weasel-faced Ian hugely, and she seems less than keen to have Garry around as much as he would like.
True low points were the moronic Jay, who proudly boasted his "fulltime occupation is smashing birds" and weasel-faced lothario Gary, who invited one of the girls to "go back and spoon and neck on".
It might be fairer to pick instead on the earring-wearing, spiky-haired, weasel-faced lad who was so engrossed in the music blaring through his hatchback's sound system that he, too, didn't think to let me through.
And quite why Jane would want to marry Ian when there are so many other, less weasel-faced blokes going begging looks set to remain a mystery.
The Office star is terrific as weasel-faced Underground train driver Paul Callow.
Pauline later confided in weasel-faced nephew Ian Beale.
UNBELIEVABLY, EastEnders' resident weasel-faced simpering wimp, Ian Beale, has been married three times.