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a.1.Given to sensual indulgence; gluttonous.
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WEASY RIDER The woodpecker is too strong and shakes off the weasel
VVEASY as 1-2-3 1 Flamboyant owner Teasy Weasy Raymond won the Grand National with Rag Trade and which other horse?
UP until recently serious motorcycling started from 600cc - anyone else was a mere learner on weasy 125cc machines.
That year, Rag Trade, owned by the hairdresser Teasy Weasy, landed the prize and followed by winning the Grand National at Aintree a year later.
Johnson runs his two-salon business in Stockton Heath, in the environs of Warrington, and in Warrington they like their hairdressers a little less mannered than Teasy Weasy.
Prince Ahmed Salman, a dandy and enthusiast to rival the late Teasy Weasy Raymond, conjured the `c' word from somewhere in an interview with Clare Balding.