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a.1.Given to sensual indulgence; gluttonous.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Rosalie Ashley, film and TV star of the period, who married the late hair stylist "Mr Teazy Weasy" Raymond, another close acquaintance, and several catwalk models were at the service at Coleshill Parish Church on Tuesday.
WEASY RIDER The woodpecker is too strong and shakes off the weasel
VVEASY as 1-2-3 1 Flamboyant owner Teasy Weasy Raymond won the Grand National with Rag Trade and which other horse?
UP until recently serious motorcycling started from 600cc - anyone else was a mere learner on weasy 125cc machines.
That year, Rag Trade, owned by the hairdresser Teasy Weasy, landed the prize and followed by winning the Grand National at Aintree a year later.
The meringue-like bouffants of Raymond Bessone (Mr Teasy Weasy).
She felt disinclined to waste quite so many words on Rag Trade's owner, the incredibly camp Mayfair hairdresser Mr 'Teasy Weasy' Raymond.
Prince Ahmed Salman, a dandy and enthusiast to rival the late Teasy Weasy Raymond, conjured the `c' word from somewhere in an interview with Clare Balding.
Is it possible that, in addition to running a multinational, he is moonlighting as the Teasy Weasy of London's East End?