Weather gauge

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(Naut.) The position of a ship to the windward of another.
Fig.: A position of advantage or superiority; advantage in position.

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In this, they serve as almost a weather gauge, and sometimes it looks like it's going to pour, but it doesn't.
Gallaudet addresses this directly in the document: "To stay ahead of our increasingly capable competitors, we cannot simply know the weather forecast, but we must secure the weather gauge. Our Navy must apply this age of sail concept to the 21st century battle space that extends from the sea floor to space."
We use them as a weather gauge. As long as they remain just specks on the horizon we know that the weather will remain settled.
So far this water year, the Eugene Airport weather gauge has recorded 39 inches of rain, versus 42 inches for a normal water year thus far.
Who could have predicted that a slide rule, typewriter, telephone, weather gauge, camera, and watch would morph into the modern smartphone?
They installed equipment including six high precision GPS systems, tide gauges, a time lapse camera and a weather gauge.
Dr Hubbard began the project in 2009 alongside Jason Box, of the Byrd Polar Research Centre at Ohio State University, when they installed equipment - including six high precision GPS systems, tide gauges, a time lapse camera and a weather gauge.
Racecourse manager Margaret Fogarty said yesterday afternoon: "We were pleasantly surprised when we looked at the weather gauge in the morning and we had only 5mm of rain overnight, but the forecast is for torrential rain.
Smartphone developer High Tech Computer (HTC) introduced a completely revamped user interface (UI) on its latest smartphone running Google Android software, the HTC Hero, highlighting the importance companies see in making users love the software on their handset.<p>HTC's new UI software was designed so people can customize the handset to meet their own needs, from choosing a clock style to putting the most often used functions on the home screen, such as a Wi-Fi switch, weather gauge, or a widget for Twitter feeds or friends' Facebook status .
Do we have the weather gauge with us?" I asked the sailor on the gangway.
Conversely, if the summer sun is so blinding that they can not see it shining through their windscreen they can sneak a peek at the trusty weather gauge to know it is safe to goal fresco.
The official weather gauge at the Eugene Airport inexplicably accumulated several decades of bad rainfall data before it was replaced in 1996, skewing the averages.