Weaver bird

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(Zool.) any one of numerous species of Asiatic, Fast Indian, and African birds belonging to Ploceus and allied genera of the family Ploceidæ. Weaver birds resemble finches and sparrows in size, colors, and shape of the bill. They construct pensile nests composed of interlaced grass and other similar materials. In some of the species the nest is retort-shaped, with the opening at the bottom of the tube.

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We marvelled at the weaver bird's nest and beautifully coloured eggs we came across during our nature rambles in the garden.
One of the more curious finds was the giant thatched nest of the sociable weaver bird, which they build over several years until the host tree caves for under its weight.
The weaver bird Ploceus philippinus also utilized only Acacia nilotica for nesting.
A staunch environmentalist, and fascinated by the weaver bird, Hefer's life-size nests, woven with Kooboo Cane, are a result of his in-depth study into this social bird's nest-building skills.
Largest nest of weaver bird found In a record of sorts, a Zoology student claims to have discovered the largest nest of the Baya weaver bird, (scientific name Ploceus philppinus) at her native village of Reddiyarpatti, about 90km from Tiruchi.
Standout performances included I Remember, a resonant recollection of love that was not as happy as once thought, the titular How Wild the Wind Blows and Little Weaver Bird, which slowly layered instrument upon instrument into a rousing end to the first half.
For better and worse, a weaver bird nest "in practice is like a block of flats," says evolutionary biologist Rita Covas of CIBIO Research Center at the University of Portugal.
A more abstract approach could place an African weaver bird exhibit beside a craft space filled with reeds, ribbons, tinsel, and other materials that visitors can weave into patterns, inspired by the birds' complex nests.
The yellow weaver bird (Ploceus megarhrynchus) was the only species classified as vulnerable (VU) and represented 3.8%.
Inspired by the weaver bird, his sustainable Hanging Nests are uniquely designed for each customer's needs and can be hung from trees, poles or even suspended stilts.
I am most comfortable like that, like the weaver bird. I can move anywhere any time.