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net′work comput`er

a relatively inexpensive computer with minimal processing power, designed primarily to provide access to computer networks, as corporate intranets or the Internet. Abbr.: NC
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15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxthon, a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers, today released the beta of Maxthon Nitro, the fastest Windows web PC browser currently available.
The LG Chromebase has the same operating system as the Chromebook--a lightweight combination of the Google Chrome browser, Linux, and a media player--in what is essentially a Web PC for home use.
Integrates pre-hospital ECGs, lab results and other clinical information into a single dashboard view--accessible anytime, anywhere via Web PC, Mac or iPhone.
The Skyfire browser was the first mobile browser to support full Web PC browsing, including rich media content, and supporting Ajax, Flash 10, Quicktime, Windows Media, and others.
Other categories showing healthy revenue increases in November over 1999 were: MP3 players (400 percent); web PC cameras (68 percent); CD burners (65 percent); blank CDs (32 percent); digital cameras (26 percent); and mice (15 percent).
The Skyfire browser was the first mobile browser to support full web PC browsing, including rich media content and supporting Ajax, Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media, and others.
FlashNet's Web PC Offer is designed to quickly move consumers over what, for many is the last hurdle to the Internet: the cost of the computer.
STARBAK products are used to extend the reach and time of videoconferences by webcasting them in real-time to any web PC while simultaneously archiving them for immediate on-demand replay," said Gregory Casale, STARBAK's President.
Specifically, the affinity program will allow students, family and faculty to log on to the HACU Web site, then link to the IBM Web PC product catalog and purchase at a special price any IBM products offered at the e-site -- including IBM ThinkPad notebooks and IBM NetVista desktops.
The agreement will aid in the advancement of NetSafety by providing exceptional Internet access throughout the United States, provide subsidy funding for the NetSafety "Desktop Cop" Web PC, and increase company revenues.