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Noun1.user interface - (computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the systemuser interface - (computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer program, computer programme, programme, program - (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute; "the program required several hundred lines of code"
CLI, command line interface - a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon
graphical user interface, GUI - a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text; uses a mouse as well as a keyboard as an input device
uživatelské rozhraní
felhasználói felület
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00 release has a greatly improved and intuitive graphical profile for the web user interface, a new system overview and re-designed and improved IPsec status pages.
Web user interface - Users enjoy an easy-to-use web interface with Intelligence Plaza(R).
IT managers, architects and developers need cost-effective, standardized middleware and Web user interface development tools to help deliver the integrated KM solutions enterprise customers expect.
NET's new decision tables will also facilitate rule sharing between developers and business users via a special web user interface that can alert the key stakeholders in the process when a rule change is made, with collaboration further supported by the products "Rule Team Server for Sharepoint' module.
0 includes a redesigned Web user interface to help administrators ensure consistency in the look and feel of their FirstClass websites when accessing their information from any computer.
Version 2 of Organik KnowledgeWare has been release by Orbital Software, offering an easy to use web user interface and the ability to be accessed via any standard SMTP/POP3 e-mail application, pricing is set at GBP100 per seat.
The value to users from a Web User Interface (WUI) is its ability to integrate multiple information sources into a familiar, content-centric interface," said Mike Gotta, program director of Workgroup Computing Strategies at META Group.
The current Web user interface is, in fact, nothing special by today's PC standards.
Through our new relationship with edge IPK, we will provide a user-friendly, customized and dynamic web user interface that seamlessly integrates with our existing systems," said Sergio Zanardo, Vice President of Application Development of Intact Financial Corporation.
The UX Series offers multiple control options, with bi-directional RS232 and LAN control via TCP/IP or Web User Interface (UI).
Contract awarded for Provision of Subscribed Access to a System, via a Web User Interface (UI), that Provides Monitoring and Tracking of Vessels Location Using a Combination of AIS (Automatic Identification System) Terrestrial (Coastal) and Satellite Information Gathered from AIS Transponders Installed on All Vessels with and without Registered IMO (International Maritime Organisation) Number for One (1) Year from 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017
For this software update, B&L built additional time into the Odyssey release cycle to allow B&L's R&D department to coordinate the beta release of the new browser-based web user interface with the Windows user interface release cycle for Odyssey.