Week day

any day of the week except Sunday; a working day.
- S. Butler.
See under Day.
- Dan. ix. 24.

See also: Day, Week

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It being Sunday, the four were free from work, and they had come early, to work harder than on any week day, washing walls and windows, scrubbing floors, laying carpets and linoleum, hanging curtains, setting up the stove, putting the kitchen utensils and dishes away, and placing the furniture.
Prayers and exhortations are also made, early in the morning, on week days. Sometimes, all this is done by the chief from horseback; moving slowly about the camp, with his hat on, and uttering his exhortations with a loud voice.
-- with those inspired eyes and that intellectual brow which the roughly-falling hair hid on week days.
Miss Ladd broke through her rule of attending to secular affairs on week days only; and, after consulting with Mrs.
But these are all landsmen; of week days pent up in lath and plaster--tied to counters, nailed to benches, clinched to desks.
But two of the occupations in which people may indulge on week days are regarded as harmless on Sunday by the obstinately anti-Christian tone of feeling which prevails in this matter among the Anglo-Saxon race.
Mr Mabeo said during the labour inspection, it was discovered that the parties had an agreement to the effect that employees who miss work during week days may work during the weekend to compensate for the week day lost, and that such employees would be paid at a normal rate.
AMENDED rail services to the UK's busiest station ran "very well" on the first week day morning of a major engineering project, Network Rail boss Mark Carne said.
The flat season at Warwick Racecourse features 10 meetings this year which will take place between April and September - on weekends, week day afternoons and Bank Holidays.
The survey of more that 300,000 people found that people's moods on Mondays are actually no worse than on any other week day barring Friday.
EVERY week day I cycle past the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital on the Bristol Road South, Northfield, at just after 4pm.
A IN Victorian times, it was customary for tradesmen to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first week day after Christmas Day as thanks for good service throughout the year.