Weeping rock

a porous rock from which water gradually issues.

See also: Weeping

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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No cars are allowed in the main canyon but open-air shuttles allow visitors to admire the loft formations, including the Great White Throne, Angel's Landing and Weeping Rock.
From Weeping Rock to the peaks called Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I felt a constant kink in my neck from straining to see more things.
Zion Canyon offers short, easy walks along paved trails like the Pa'rus, Riverside, and Weeping Rock. For something more heart-pumping, try a day-hike up to 2,000-foot-plus view points such as Observation Point and Scout Lookout.
For a short, half-mile stroll, stop at Weeping Rock, an easy trail that winds past lush vegetation to an overhang where thousands of water droplets glisten as they seep though sandstone and bounce off impervious shale.
Asked where, precisely, one would find the flows, he said that during the snowmelt or after a spring rain they're all over the place, but he recommended "the one over the top of Weeping Rock--when that one's gushing, it's humongous." The hike to Weeping Rock is 1/2 mile round trip from the trailhead 1 mile north of Zion Lodge.
Other stops include the Zion Lodge, Weeping Rock, and the Temple of Sinawava.
Short hikes reach enchanting spots such as Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock, and the springs and gardens along the Gateway to the Narrows Trail; this route leads to where the canyon's walls close to hallway width.
We recommend Canyon Overlook (1-mile round trip), Weeping Rock (1/2 mile), Emerald Pools (2 miles), Gateway to the Narrows (2 miles), Watchman (2-1/2 miles).
The more spectacular, called Weeping Rock, sheds unending tears as water percolates down from the headlands through the rock's thick sandstone layers.
My friend Hayley and I decided to check out the weeping rocks, intrigued by the prospect of tasting water that had been percolating through the canyon walls for nearly a millennium, after falling on the plateau above.