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n.1.See Werewolf.
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Por el contrario, la fuerza de los campesinos ejerce su venganza contra el mundo artificial-burgues cuando pacificos agricultores se transforman en licantropos para reconquistar sus tierras: es esta la trama de la novela de Hermann Lons (1866-1914), Der Wehrwolf 20.
31) They also spent three months in Aachen interrogating over 11,000 of the 20,000 citizens remaining in the city to determine whether Hitler had made good on his threat that an underground organization, called Wehrwolf, would fight against Allied occupation forces from behind the front lines.
The city of Vinnitsa is hoping to turn the Wehrwolf bunker, where Hitler stayed during WWII, into a tourist attraction.
Like many before him, Travers starts with Hofmannsthal's famous lecture 'Das Schrifttum als geistiger Raum der Nation' (1927), with backward glances to Julius Langbehn's Rembrandt als Erzieher (1890), to Gustav Frenssen, Paul Ernst, to the Heimatkunst of Adolf Bartels, Friedrich Lienhard, Hermann Burte, and many others, before focusing on the immensely popular and extremely aggressive Heimatroman by Hermann Lons, Der Wehrwolf (1910).