Wei dynasty

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Noun1.Wei dynasty - any of several imperial dynasties of China ruling from 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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An engagement moderated by the 600-plus priceless artefacts that include a 800-400BC bronze structure of Egyptian Goddess Isis, a14th century Virgin and Child statue, a white marble head of Buddha dating back to 534-550CE from China's Eastern Wei Dynasty, a 11-12th century bronze statue of Lion de Mari-Cha from Andalusia, an oil on panel creation of Madonna and Child by Giovani Bellini, La Belle Ferronniere (woman portrait by Leonardo da Vinci and a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh dating back to 1887, to mention just a few.
Highlights include a rare jewelled earpiece from the Malla period, Nepal, at Sue Ollemans; a 'Maitreya' seated Buddha from the Northern Wei dynasty (6th century) at Christian Deydier; Dogon and Fang wood sculptures at Galerie Monbrison; and a large desk with beautiful marquetry, dated 1695-1700, at Galerie Perrin.
530), a major rebel leader, likely of Xiongnu ancestry, in northern China in the declining years of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-556).
We invite readers to create their own versions of the images dating back to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557) and Tang Dynasty (618-907)," said Yu.
The topics include evaluating biological materials for the functional reconstruction of ligament defects in exercise-induced ligament injury, effects of wall roughness and flow velocity on a water hammer, architectural materials in the Lu Gardens of the Northern Wei Dynasty, information retrieval in the design and application of a database for breeding farmed tilapia, and assessing elevator risk with a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and artificial neural network model.
Specifically, this essay will look at the case of the Eastern Wei dynasty (534-550), its successor Northern Qi (550-577), and the career of their founding warlord Gao Huan (496-547).
In another case, when the eight year old daughter of the Emperor Ming of the Wei Dynasty has died, the Emperor not only formally entitled her as "Princess", managed a "joint burial" for her with a distant grandnephew who was also entitled as a marquis, but also arranged for someone as the offspring of the dead "couple" to inherit their titles in this world.
8226; Lot 465: 5th Century Chinese Wei Dynasty Buddha Dated 495 AD (High Est.
Among these, the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534 AD) distinguished itself by promoting Buddhism as the official religion.
Film is set in the Northern Wei dynasty, during the fifth century, when Mongol hordes in the north--specifically the Rouran tribes--are eyeing the fertile plains of China as a place to settle full time.
and Xining Jun in the Wei dynasty (420-549), the Yuan dynasty placed Xining Zhou within Gansu Province; during the Ming dynasty, Xining Wei was placed within Shaanxi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Province.