Wei dynasty

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Noun1.Wei dynasty - any of several imperial dynasties of China ruling from 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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(11) Earlier, as recorded in Wei shu [phrase omitted], the official history of the Northern Wei dynasty founded by the formerly nomadic group Tuoba [phrase omitted], a literati courtier Jiang Shi [phrase omitted] in a memorial to the throne in 514, while carefully inserting a positive spin on the phenomenon, bitterly complained that many newly coined popular characters, dismissed as "vulgar characters" (suzi [phrase omitted]) by Yan Zhitui, violated the orthography set by "ancient Confucian classics, (12) the great zhuan [phrase omitted] script of Shi Zhou [phrase omitted], the Shuowen [phrase omitted] dictionary by Xu Shen [phrase omitted], and the Stone Canon [phrase omitted]." (13)
'This was so out of our normal sphere,' Chip says with a laugh, 'but to me it is like a painting on stone but made with carved and incised lines.' Indeed, the panels derive from painted scenes that would have been placed around a couch during the 6th century (some red pigment and gilding remains), just as the bed itself would have followed existing domestic forms found during the latter part of the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534/5).
An engagement moderated by the 600-plus priceless artefacts that include a 800-400BC bronze structure of Egyptian Goddess Isis, a14th century Virgin and Child statue, a white marble head of Buddha dating back to 534-550CE from China's Eastern Wei Dynasty, a 11-12th century bronze statue of Lion de Mari-Cha from Andalusia, an oil on panel creation of Madonna and Child by Giovani Bellini, La Belle Ferronniere (woman portrait by Leonardo da Vinci and a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh dating back to 1887, to mention just a few.
We invite readers to create their own versions of the images dating back to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557) and Tang Dynasty (618-907)," said Yu.
The topics include evaluating biological materials for the functional reconstruction of ligament defects in exercise-induced ligament injury, effects of wall roughness and flow velocity on a water hammer, architectural materials in the Lu Gardens of the Northern Wei Dynasty, information retrieval in the design and application of a database for breeding farmed tilapia, and assessing elevator risk with a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and artificial neural network model.
(19) His grandfather, however, had been punished for committing some infraction with exile to a garrison at the top of the great northward loop of the Yellow River, on the north-central frontier of what was then the Northern Wei dynasty. By Gao Huan's time, after three generations on this frontier, the family had become culturally almost indistinguishable from the predominantly non-Chinese Xianbei population of the region.
In another case, when the eight year old daughter of the Emperor Ming of the Wei Dynasty has died, the Emperor not only formally entitled her as "Princess", managed a "joint burial" for her with a distant grandnephew who was also entitled as a marquis, but also arranged for someone as the offspring of the dead "couple" to inherit their titles in this world.
Suppose that the earliest documentary evidence for Entry 1 is found in Wei Dynasty, then its time of occurrence can be determined to be Wei Dynasty and it will be put under the corresponding chronological category.
The Wei [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] Empire [commonly called "the Wei Dynasty"] is counted as the tenth central regime of China.
• Lot 465: 5th Century Chinese Wei Dynasty Buddha Dated 495 AD (High Est.
She lived 1,500 years ago in a time known as the Northern Wei Dynasty. Her name is a bye-word for loyalty, devotion and bravery.