n.1.One whose business it is to weigh ore, hay, merchandise, etc.; one licensed as a public weigher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Caption: Destin Rodeo trophies come in all sizes: Big-eye tuna wows crowd at AJs, while a stout pinfish (below) earns approval from weighmaster Bruce Cheves.
2 Years Old, 3 Chest Freezers, Berkell Heavy Meat Slicer, Weighmaster Scales, 2 Walk-in Cold Rooms, Insect Killers, Searle Twin Fan Cellar Cooler, SS Trolley, Table Top Fryer, 5ft Self Serve Bain Marie, 6ft Mobile Self Serve Bain Marie Trolley.
During regular day shift hours, a weighmaster operates the truck scale, and the automated loadout system continues to operate.
When it comes to commercial truck safety inspections, Russ Cottrell has heard just about every excuse in his nearly 30 years as Lane County weighmaster.
Weighmaster Jim Marino called the teams to the scales.
He took responsibility as weighmaster for the Osterville Anglers' Club, and all other obligations in his life for that matter, with the greatest passion imaginable.
* Weighmaster's Certificate of Weight & Measure from Blacktop Materials Co.
Certified weight tickets are available only from a "public weighmaster," or from a federal government scale at a U.S.
An attachment to the Weighmaster II auger packer, the Vac-Probe uses an air-operated vacuum generator and two sectioned probes to remove air from product containers during the fill process.
The city government provided a public market and a weighmaster to see that people got honest weight.