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All these values in pregnant Swedish females, however, are far below the neurobehavioral dysfunction reference limit of 24 [micro]g Hg/L in blood, which corresponds to maternal mercury concentrations in hair exceeding 6 [micro]g/g (Grandjean, Weihe, & Nielsen, 1994).
Arab News spoke with Max Weihe, Harman's press secretary, who said she had nothing to say about her alleged complicity in the widening Israeli spy scandal.
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Weihe et al., Characterization of damage and failure during the pull-out of a reinforcement bar by acoustic emission and numerical simulation, 1st International Conference on Damage and Failure of Interfaces, Vienna 1997.
2003; Weihe and Joensen 2012), and the serum concentrations of p,p'-DDE and PCBs (138,153, and 180) measured in this study were much higher than those reported for the U.S.
At a pre- auction media lunch in the Capital about a month ago, Hugo Weihe, international director and international specialist head of the South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art at Christie's, had said, " Gaitonde's canvases have so far not peaked as much as they should have.
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The Faroese cohorts were established by Chief Physician Pal Weihe in the Faroe Islands, in cooperation with Dr.
Those that do come up for auctions, such as this, are from Western collectors who had acquired them generations ago," said Hugo Weihe, international director of Asian Art and international specialist head, Indian and South East Asian art.
Zaden, JNC Chair, c/o Seiler, Sautter, Zaden, Rimes & Weihe, 2850 North Andrews Avenue, Wilton Manors 33311, e-mail: rzaden@sszrlaw.com, phone (954) 568-7000, ext.
One of these (Grandjean et al., 1997; Grandjean, Weihe, White, & Debes, 1998) has studied the effects of methylmercury intake by pregnant women on their children in the Faroe Islands.