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n.1.See Welshman.
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"As a general strategy for survival, having this system in our brains that gives us quick-and-dirty responses to the environment seems pretty useful," Welchman said.
Brains are used to dealing with a sluggish world, according to Dr Andrew Welchman, from the University of Birmingham.
Much of this material is useful, but the overall effect of so much concern for authenticity is to push Schelling back into the traditional view in which he is of historical or theological rather than quite contemporary philosophical interest.--Mistair Welchman, University of Texas at San Antonio.
Lisa Welchman, senior consultant at CMSWatch, agrees that the problem lies in part with the bigger challenge of information architecture.
Caerphilly Council commissioned the project and invited schoolchildren and residents in Oakdale to help select the winning design, entitled ``Turn, Turn Again'' by local artist Steve Welchman.
Edited by Rosamond Welchman, welchman@brooklyn.cuny.edu, 407 6th Avenue, #3, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Julia Welchman's husband was parking his car 200 yards from his house when a block of frozen human waste landed right in front of him.
Faruk S?abanovic?, director of the feature Birds Like Us, art director Reza Riahi and directors of Loving Vincent, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. Also walking the carpet was 13 year-old Saara Chaudry, the voice of Parvana, the main character in The Breadwinner, who is forced to disguise herself as a boy in order to help her family make ends meet after her teacher father is unfairly imprisoned.
John Welchman (Zurich: JRP I Ringier, 2006), 304-309: 305.
(8) For a greater discussion on the sharia' system in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, see: Welchman, L.
Joint secretary Gil Welchman, 87, of Cyncoed, Cardiff, an RAF man who served at RAF Abingdon and in South East Asia, said it had been a policy of all the club's members never to use rank.
Judge Charles Welchman told the gang: "They feared for their lives."