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n.1.Prosperity; happiness; well-being; weal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Yng ngeiriau Gruff ei hun: "Gofynodd Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda i mi chwara' gig ac efallai drefnu chydig o ddigwyddiada' eraill - wele gyfres o gyngherddau - mwy i'w cyhoeddi toc, gan gynnwys sgwrs, tro bach ac arddanghosfa - da ni 'di galw'r peth yn wyl - Ara Deg 19" Bydd yr wyl fach yma yn cael ei chynnal ar y 19eg i'r 21ain o Fedi eleni ac mae rhestr wych o weithgareddau, a gyhoeddwyd heddiw, gan gynnwys: Nos Iau 19eg bydd ALDOUS HARDING o Selan Newydd sydd ar 4AD yn perfformio, gyda chefnogaeth AUDIOBOOKS, sef prosiect byw y cynhyrchydd Cymreig lleol DAVID WRENCH.
An appeal filed by notorious drug trafficker Samantha Kumara alias 'Wele Suda' against the death sentence imposed on him, was today rejected by the Court of Appeal.
02 nakhuwele biakhulia:- (1.69) kholie:, (3.0) WELE mukhobe; (1.0) I have given you food.eat'.
Yn y gyfrol hon wele fam a mab yn mynd ati i gyhoeddi casgliad o'u cerddi ar y cyd.
August 22 is the first day of school for first through eighth grade and August 23 is the first day for children in the Early Childhood, Woodland Early Learning Experience (WELE) and Kindergarten classes.
Waakye with spaghetti, gari, salad, egg, wele, and meat is the ideal food for a lot of Ghanaians.
Officers from specialised police formations and officials of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) raided the premise at 6pm.Those arrested during the raid include Somali refugee Abdi Hassan, 42, Abdi Kaaf Abdullahi, 33, Gideon Wesonga 41, Pamela Adhiambo, 35, and Watii Wele, a 22-year-old Ugandan.
Because the Egerton then translates this Greek letter, it repeats these critiques in English: "bis es to say: We trowe wele [??]i powere es grete apon [??]i subgets.
SI[thorn]EN pe sege and [thorn]e assaut watz sesed at Troye, [thorn]e borgh brittened and brent to brondez and askez, I[thorn]e tulk [thorn]at [thorn]e trammes of tresoun [thorn]er wroght Watz tried for his tricherie, [thorn]e trewest on erthe: Hit watz Ennias [thorn]e athel, and his highe kynde, [thorn]at si[thorn]en depreced prouinces, and patrounes bicome Welneghe of al [thorn]e wele in [thorn]e west iles.
This standard order does indeed appear to have been the operating procedure for this manuscript as well, where, for example, on folio 41v, the frame for the large decorated initial breaks in order not to run over the 'f' in the verse that begins, "full wele" (Fig.
With everything from Senegalese and Ghanian starters such as dienne pastel and kele wele, to the Kenyan charcoal-grilled lamb nyama choma and North African couscous royale.