a.1.Good-natured; kind.
Well-natured, temperate, and wise.
- Denham.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Cotton is a gorgeous, well-natured rabbit who, like her sister, loves to explore.
And, once again, Bernard stepped up to the task and proved just how well-natured he is at his core.
The senator described his former colleague as 'a well-natured man and an able public servant.'
The carefree, well-natured energy around the stadium on Tuesday had become a more tense, edgy atmosphere by Wednesday.
The ever-competitive former manager was rarely such a well-natured loser at Manchester United.
A "WELL-NATURED" teenage boy found hanged in his bedroom had showed no signs of distress in the run-up to his death.
The dog needed to play Sandy must be well-natured, calm, controlled and, yes, sandy in colour.
''He is really a lovely, well-natured dog, in good condition, who is obviously used to being with people.
It's not too taxing at all, though - a bright and breezy, well-natured romp, perfect for a family.
But Coyote's stories transcend the specific nature of her experiences as a butch from the bush, using well-natured humour to bring us the universal in the specific.