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A city of southeast Ontario, Canada, on the Welland Canal, about 44 km (27 mi) long, which connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario and bypasses Niagara Falls.
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It was only that afternoon that May Welland had let him guess that she "cared" (New York's consecrated phrase of maiden avowal), and already his imagination, leaping ahead of the engagement ring, the betrothal kiss and the march from Lohengrin, pictured her at his side in some scene of old European witchery.
Welland the propriety of taking the latter's place in the front right- hand corner; then she yielded with a slight smile, and seated herself in line with Mrs.
The bloody battle alluded to in the text, fought and won by King Harold, over his brother the rebellious Tosti, and an auxiliary force of Danes or Norsemen, was said, in the text, and a corresponding note, to have taken place at Stamford, in Leicestershire, and upon the river Welland.
Well," said the still waiting Harriet;" welland and what shall I do?
Founded in Welland in 1967, Niagara College now operates from specialized campuses in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Our own house in Welland Road was also damaged by a bomb about that time on October 21, 1940 with extensive damage to the front of the house.
Ms Starr told the hearing that she was asked by Debenhams' loss prevention supervisor, Daniel Welland, to review the footage - both already knew each other after Mr Welland's previous stint as a special constable.
And now, 100 years later, a reminder from that battlefield has been restored and preserved by the Lincoln and Welland Regiment Foundation.
But Colin Welland, who died this week at the age of 81, was both a Brit and a Scouser - and used many locations around his home town as inspiration for his work.
OSCAR-winning writer and actor Colin Welland has died, aged 81, after suffering from Alzheimer's disease for several years.
A former school teacher in Leigh, Lancashire, Welland rose to fame in Kes, playing English teacher Mr Farthing, before going on to star in Straw Dogs.
OSCAR-WINNING writer and actor Colin Welland, who was born in Lancashire, has died aged 81, his family has announced.