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n.1.See Welfare.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She says in the lobbying advocacy, PAID has been fighting to ensure that the 2005 Disability Act that protects and promotes the wellfare and wellbeing of people with disabilities is well strengthened.Meanwhile, the coalition members have extended
Waller is a member of the Penn State Wellfare Committee which helps to collaborate and implement new ideas to improve student-athletes' academic endeavors and well-being.
During his maiden visit to Miran Shah as Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a number of wellfare schemes and projects particularly in health and education sectors.
Kevin Wellfare, Insurica's vice president of marketing and communications, has heard often that employees feel valued for their talents and expertise.
in Wellfare Compound, Barangay Addition Hills by the members of Mandaluyong City police station's Intelligence Branch and Station Special Operations Unit.
The campaign has been promoted on 45 West Midlands bus services across the borough with a view to highlighting sexual health wellfare provisions available to young people throughout the borough.
Speaking in an interview with BOPA, Kgosi Masisi expressed concern that some of the youths from the settlements in the outskirts of Mabesekwa were not concerned about the wellfare of their children.
(26.) John Wellfare, "Beersheba's Battle Plan," Army News, February 2, 2012, p.