Wellington boot

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Wellington boot

Wellington boot

1. A waterproof boot of rubber or sometimes leather reaching to below the knee and worn in wet or muddy conditions.
2. Archaic A boot extending to the top of the knee in front but cut low in back.

[After First Duke of Wellington.]
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(or wel′lington) boot′,

1. a leather boot with the front part of the top extending above the knee.
2. a rubber or water-repellent leather boot extending to the knee or somewhat below it.
[1810–20; after the 1st Duke of Wellington]
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Noun1.Wellington boot - (19th century) a man's high tasseled bootWellington boot - (19th century) a man's high tasseled boot
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
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He wore a bottle-green spencer over a blue coat; a white waistcoat, grey mixture pantaloons, and Wellington boots drawn over them.
Which she would have tapped yourn next, and draw'd it off with you a laying on it, and was then a carrying away the coals gradiwally in the souptureen and wegetable-dishes, and the wine and spirits in your Wellington boots."
The most unskilful observer could have detected in his troubled countenance, a readiness to resign his Wellington boots to any efficient substitute who would have consented to stand in them at that moment.
Karrimor Men's Wellington Boot, MandMDirect.com, PS19.99
The joint efforts of the British and Prussian armies to defeat Napoleon and bring peace to Europe for many decades made him a household name - best remembered these days by the Wellington Boot.
There is a new colour for the popular Landmaster safety Wellington boot in navy with an orange sole.
The brand, which specializes in cool, outdoor-inspired clothes, installed multiple waterfalls in the dimly-lit show space and had models walk around a dark pool in parkas, rain ponchos and its signature wellington boot. Christopher Kane's version of sensuality is nothing one would expect.
The Wellington boot, of course, has an essential role in modern society by protecting the wearer from hazardous chemicals, inclement weather conditions and terrain as well as steel-capped wellies for industrial work, but what were its origins, and how has it evolved to become the wardrobe staple it is today?
In the sole of the Wellington boot there's a thermocouple and if you apply heat to one side of the thermocouple and cold to the other side it generates an lectrical charge,' Mr Pain has said.
A conservationist killed by his own shotgun could have died after his weapon was triggered by a buckle on his Wellington boot, an inquest heard.
THE site of the former Dunlop Wellington boot making factory in Walton is being given a new lease of life.
Sean Miles 'upcycled' four old mobiles by lodging them in a Christian Louboutin heel, a Nike trainer and a men's brogue and Hunter Wellington boot, the Sun reported.

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