Welsh rarebit

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Welsh rare·bit

Welsh rabbit.
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Noun1.Welsh rarebit - cheese melted with ale or beer served over toastWelsh rarebit - cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"

Welsh rarebit

[ˌwɛlʃˈrɛəbɪt] Welsh rabbit ncrostino al formaggio
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Aintree 3.00 Clondaw Castle 3.40 Sam Spinner 5.15 Step Back 6.20 Welsh Rarebit TOMORROW Ffos Las 2.30 Good Boy Bobby 4.10 Newtide
The shops and cafes on-site were busy selling Welsh gifts and souvenirs and serving Welsh Rarebit, Lobscows and special Welsh Cake and Bara Brith ice cream.
Things like Glamorgan sausage and Welsh rarebit hark back to a time when meat was scarce, whereas cockles and laver seaweed is more abundant.
The company has apologised and said it will now stop selling its Welsh Rarebit flavoured crisps.
Real Crisps' Welsh Rarebit flavour potato snack features on the back of its packets the story of "Rhondda Rodders" who, "like his father, his father and his father before him" was "born to swing a pick".
Welsh rarebit or "rabbit" does not and never has contained rabbit of any sort.
Starters and lighter bites include Welsh rarebit on toast with a poached egg (PS6.50), and mains like honey roast belly pork with apple sauce, served with fondant potatoes and peas (PS16.50) or burgers served with posh chips and Alex James' cheese (from PS14.95).
Fish fans are encouraged to sample cod - pan-fried cod, creamy lemon, champ potatoes with lobster, tarragon and pistachio butter, while vegetarians can enjoy Mushroom - wild mushroom, celeriac and hazelnut 'mille feuille', and Welsh rarebit truffled macaroni.
Meanwhile, in north Wales, they get clucking with some prizewinning poultry breeds and use a few dozen local eggs to make Welsh cakes and Welsh rarebit. Also on the menu tonight is chicken and leek suet pudding and Scotch eggs.
"I love good food," admits Steve, 37, "but Welsh rarebit is the limit of 37, "but Welsh rarebit is the limit of my cooking talents." my cooking talents." FOODIES: Hosts Steve and Lisa
Toast and the tastiest of toppings equals Welsh Rarebit for brunch
Dishes from the UK and Ireland found in Part 4 include Irish Stew, Parsnip Colcannon, Scottish Crumpets, Irish Soda Bread, Welsh Rarebit, and English Custard.

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