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 (wĕlsh′mən, wĕlch′-)
1. A man who is a native or inhabitant of Wales.
2. A man of Welsh ancestry.


(ˈwɛlʃmən) or feminine


n, pl -men or -women
1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Wales
2. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of Wales


(ˈwɛlʃ mən, ˈwɛltʃ-)

n., pl. -men.
a native or inhabitant of Wales.
[before 900]
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Noun1.Welshman - a native or resident of Wales
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe


[ˈwelʃmən] N (Welshmen (pl)) → galés m


[ˈwɛlʃmən] nGallois mWelsh rabbit Welsh rarebit ntoast m au fromage


[ˈwɛlʃmən] n (-men (pl)) → gallese m
References in classic literature ?
Stout Elwyn, the Welshman, took third place; one of the private archers, named Geoffrey, come fourth; while Clifton must needs content himself with fifth.
Elwyn the Welshman was to precede him; and his score was no whit better than Geoffrey's.
An angry word, passed one April evening of 1682 between the son of Sir Edward Dering and a hot- blooded young [85] Welshman, led to recrimination and sword-drawing.
Sir David ap Morgan ap Griffith ap Hugh Ap Tudor ap Rhice, quoth his roundelay She said that one widow for so many was too few, And she bade the Welshman wend his way.
The Barry golfer lies in joint 11th, one shot ahead of fellow Welshman Bradley Dredge, who carded a second round 70 after his opening 66.
PRELIMINARY talks have taken place about Joe Calzaghe and Clinton Woods squaring off in an all-British showdown - but Frank Warren insists negotiations are at a very early stage with several opponents still being considered for the Welshman.
Imagine what it was like for a proud Welshman to be stranded in Argentina as Wales battled towards the Grand Slam.
The 30-year-old almost deaf Ulsterman proved his toughness again after going 12-6 down against Welshman Matthew Stevens in their semi-final at Sheffield.
NEIL ROBERTSON overcame a fightback from Welshman Mark Williams and a problem with his cue tip to book his place in the semi-finals of the BGC Masters at Alexandra Palace.
The only other Welshman to win a fight at what was a disappointing championships overall was Joe Gage at flyweight.
Gareth thomas has revealed how important it is to have a Welshman back in charge of Wales.
I'm a Welshman but the firm stands to lose so much if Wales win.