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imp.1.imp. of Weld, to wield.
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But fellow Filipino Arthur Craig Pantino fumbled, bowing to Milan Welte of Germany, 6-4, 6-3, in the boys' qualifying.
Arthur Pantino, meanwhile, dropped a 4-6, 3-6 setback to German Milan Welte in the boys' qualifying phase.
Cyclist Miriam Welte, who won gold with Vogel in the 2012 Olympics team sprint, said: "We have had a few weeks to come to terms with the diagnosis and to get used to the thought of seeing Kristina in a wheelchair.
David Welte, a firearms examiner at the state police crime lab in Rockford, testified markings and other characteristics showed the slug recovered from Gutierrez's body was fired from a gun recovered from Sepeda's car.
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Welte, "Clinical implications of ELA2-, HAX1-, and G-CSF-receptor (CSF3R) mutations in severe congenital neutropenia," British Journal of Haematology, vol.
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Estelle Welte, Diane Story, Jasper Powell, and the entire leadership team have done a fantastic job creating another top-notch event," said Abby Birch.
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