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Sadness over the evils of the world, especially as an expression of romantic pessimism.

[German : Welt, world; see Weltanschauung + Schmerz, pain (from Middle High German smërze, from Old High German smerzo).]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) sadness or melancholy at the evils of the world; world-weariness
[literally: world pain]



n. German.
sorrow that one feels and accepts as one's necessary portion in life.
[literally, world-pain]
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Noun1.Weltschmerz - sadness on thinking about the evils of the worldWeltschmerz - sadness on thinking about the evils of the world
melancholy - a feeling of thoughtful sadness
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The poems that will be analyzed here focus on a crisis of irrelevance and insufficiency, an artistic phenomenon termed ennui, weltschmerz, and splenique in other literary traditions.
El autor de Un mundo feliz agrega que esas carceles reflejan la acedia renacentista, del Weltschmerz (la gran distancia entre el mundo deseado y el fisico existente).
Fish returns to the road in part looking both back and forward, with his latest tour focusing on his final album for Marillion, Clutching At Straws, plus songs from his forthcoming Weltschmerz record.
SATURDAY FISH Final chance to see former Marillion man play band's classic Clutching At Straws album in its entirety, plus tracks from newie Weltschmerz. Queen's Hall, Edinburgh.
On a philosophical level, my existential Weltschmerz says that If I am occupied on the north side then might as well be occupied on all the other three sides of the island as well since it is no secret that the island's fauna and flora is constantly being occupied illegally by everyone on the island from east to west and north to south.
Weltschmerz: Pessimism in German Philosophy 1860-1900.
La paulatina asociacion del quijotismo con el Weltschmerz, como actitud intelectual inconforme con la realidad, es un paso transicional hacia la identificacion, primero negativa, del quijotismo con el socialismo utopico que inaugura Modesto Lafuente en "El Quijote de antano y los Quijotes de ogano" (1848), y hacia la interpretacion del simbolismo en funcion de relaciones e instituciones sociales que consistentemente desarrollan los textos de Nicolas Diaz de Benjumea entre 1859 y 1878.
Once, in an uncharacteristic fit of Weltschmerz, Ocampo declared that he wanted to die at the age of 50 while he was still in full command of his faculties.
Some of these concepts-fatalism, work ethic, reincarnation, Confucianism, Weltschmerz and so on--are readily identifiable within specific groups, societies or nations.
La fabula o el chiste pedirian que a partir de esos personajes discretos se hiciera una inferencia general, de la manera en que la liebre y la tortuga nos ensenan algo sobre la paciencia y los valores eticos, o que la risotada del chiste judio moviliza y disuelve (?absuelve?), por decirlo con un concepto aleman, el dolor de mundo (Weltschmerz).
"The general characteristics of Joyce's style in Portrait are those of the late Victorians and the Decadents: the sensual and violent imagery of Swinburne, the colors of the Pre-Raphaelites, the use of repetition and alliteration, the pervasive air of Weltschmerz, and so on" (Naremore 334).
When attached to human, the combo can have a portentous air, evoking weltschmerz, malaise, ennui, and anomie.