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also Wen·ce·slaus  (wĕn′sĭ-slôs′), Saint c. 907-935?
Duke of Bohemia who encouraged Christianization and was murdered by his brother Boleslav. He is popularly associated with Christmastide charity and is the patron saint of the Czech Republic.


(ˈwɛnsɪsləs) or


1. (Biography) 1361–1419, Holy Roman Emperor (1378–1400) and, as Wenceslaus IV, king of Bohemia (1378–1419)
2. (Biography) Saint, known as Good King Wenceslaus. ?907–929, duke of Bohemia (?925–29); patron saint of Bohemia. Feast day: Sept 28


(ˈwɛn sɪsˌlɔs)

1. 1361–1419, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1378–1400; as Wenceslaus IV, king of Bohemia 1378–1419.
2. Saint (“Good King Wenceslaus” ), A.D. 903?–c935, duke of Bohemia 928–935.
German, Wenzel.
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