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n. Archaic
1. A young woman or girl.
2. A woman servant.
3. A promiscuous woman or a prostitute.
intr.v. wenched, wench·ing, wench·es
To consort with promiscuous women. Used of a man.

[Middle English, short for wenchel, child, from Old English wencel.]

wench′er n.
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Noun1.wencher - someone who patronizes prostitutes
adulterer, fornicator - someone who commits adultery or fornication
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(Woodman equals "wencher" or "hunter--here of women." (20)) The Duke tells Lucio that he will "answer this one day" (163), be held to account for his slander.
Burford's discussion of Constantia Phillips in Wits, Wenchers and Wantons: London's Low Life: Covent Garden in the Eighteenth Century (London: Robert Hale, 1986), 146.