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v. i.1.To ween.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When Janice and Sadie Wene completed the College of Lake County's high school equivalency graduation ceremony May 16 at the Grayslake Campus, they both knew their mom-and-daughter bond helped them achieve an educational milestone.
woulde make the worlde to wene that our sauiour Chryst, of his inestimable charitie shewed towarde vs in hys deathe and passion, had lefte vnto vs in the blessed Sacramente but a bare peece of bakers breade, as a sygne of hys bodye (whiche in very dede were but a symple and a poore meane memoriall of so greate charitie) and not hys very bodye in deede.
Just after releasing the visuals of his work with Supreme Mavin Dynasty first lady, Tiwa Savage, last week, Wene Mighty has said he will be working with Nigeria's musical export, Davido and Perruzi on a music project.
Chemical management is the only available control tactic, targeting adult females before they can oviposit in the crop because maggots are protected from insecticides (Walter and Wene 1951).
Hwaet, we for dryhtene iu dreamas hefdon, song on swegle selrum tidum, baer nu ymb oone aecan aeoele stondao, heleo ymb hehseld, herigao drihten wordum and wercum, and ic in wite sceal bidan in bendum, and me baettran ham for oferhygdum aefre ne wene. (36-50) (Where has the glory of angels come, which we ought to have in heaven?
El efecto negativo que tienen las aplicaciones continuas de insecticidas para controlar especies del genero Liriomyza, en sus enemigos naturales, especialmente parasitoides, ha sido ampliamente documentado (Oatman y Kennedy 1976; Wene 1995; Chirinos y Geraud-Pouey 1996; Chirinos et al.
305 wil no3t manye wene, for no3t [??]at man can say.
Pleser fydd cael cwmni'r criw yn Llanberis nos Wene.
Content Question nona wene? Relative Clause wen abatka [k.sup.hh]wa[??]abo Jussive [k.sup.hh]waman mu sa ?i wana VC1 'he threads' VC2 'he threads' Negative 'not thread' Nominalized 'it is good to thread' Imperative 'thread!' NegImperative 'don't thread!' Conditional 'it is good if you thread' NonFinal 'having threaded they came' Serial verb 'I thread and sew' Perfect 'I have threaded' Future 'I will thread' Purpose 'I come to thread' Polar Question 'are you threading?' Content Question 'what are you threading?' Relative Clause 'the day of threading is come' Jussive 'let us thread our beads!' 5.2 Serial Application of Vowel Elision, Voice-Manner Assimilation, and Word-Final Devoicing and Deglottalization.
(1) For I wene wel, iwysse, Sir Wowen ze are, Fat alle pe worlde worchipez quere-so ze ride; Your honour, your hendelayk is hendely praysed With lordez, with ladyes, with alle pat lyf bere.