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imp.1.imp. of Weep.
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The orientation session, attended by representatives from relevant provincial government departments and civil society stakeholders, aimed to accelerate implementation of the WEP 2017.
"I feel that KAUST leadership simply looks at scientific merit and service when appointing individuals in key roles that represent KAUST such as chairing WEP, which makes me very confident in our future as a leading scientific institute," said Khashab.
New Delhi [India], May 26 ( ANI ): NITI Aayog on Friday announced the signing of a Statement of Intent (SoI) with Sushant Singh Rajput, to collaborate and support NITI's flagship initiative, the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP).
The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) would provide a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where women do not face any gender-based barriers.
The AIRs and the corresponding fractions obtained thereof (WEP, CEP, and NEP) were first hydrolyzed using concentrated sulfuric acid (95-98%) according to the method described by Ahmed and Labavitch [26].
Becoming a WEP signatory, he added, was part of Nestle Pakistan's commitment for the advancement of gender equality to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5, and the organization had several initiatives aligned with the principles.
Before aggregation was started, standard platelet concentration was incubated in solutions of different concentrations, including WEP (300mg/L, 100mg/L, 25mg/L), flavonoids (400mg/L, 100mg/L, 25mg/L), CAPE (352 [micro]M, 88 [micro]M, 6 [micro]M), galangin (370 [micro]M, 185 [micro]M, 46 [micro]M), acacetin (352 [micro]M, 176 [micro]M, 44 [micro]M), and pinostrobin (370 [micro]M, 92 [micro]M, 23 [micro]M) for 30 min at the room temperature, then prewarmed at 37[degrees]C for two minutes.
The WEAM, WES, and WEP modifiers are used in this test.
To begin with, the WEP in the plasma channel of the lightning discharge on its initial and final stages flow similar to the WEP, introduced and used in the study [11] the periodic wave longitudinal and radial distributions drift of free electrons in the crystal structure of metal wires with DC, AC and pulsed electric current, a relatively <<hot>> with length [DELTA][z.sub.hn] and <<cold>> with length [DELTA][z.sub.hn] quantized longitudinal portions.