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Noun1.Wernher von Braun - United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England); he led the United States Army team that put the first American satellite into space (1912-1977)
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Among the presentations in the proceedings are memoirs by Charles Lundquist and George James of their time at the Huntsville (Alabama) German team under the leadership of Werner von Braun. A third astronautics and rocketry pioneer, Ivan Almar, appears on disk in a video interview, while Fred Ordway, another pioneer who passed away two months before the conference, is remembered by colleagues.
Eugen Saenger on the correct from Werner von Braun (center) in Austria on Might 3, 1945, after give up to American soldiers.
In Germany, Werner Von Braun saw the opportunity to further his interests by promoting rocket-powered weapons to the Nazi government.
He trained under three world-renowned scientists: Werner von Braun (Father of Rocket Science), Peter Carl Goldmark (early color television, LP record and EVR/Beta) and Dr.
This is the story of a small band of pioneers, largely laboring in the shadow of luminaries such as Werner von Braun, who achieved significant advances in American rocketry.
BORN GERONIMO, Apache leader, 1829 TUPAC Shakur, US rapper, 1971 ENOCH Powell, English politician, 1912, above DIED GEORGE Reeves, US actor, 1959 WERNER von Braun, rocket scientist, 1977 LORD Reith, British broadcaster, 1971, above
It is chilling to learn, too, that the slave labour at the Buchenwald-Mittelbau-Dora complex was put on lines building components for the deadly V2 rockets, built by the regime's top scientist Werner von Braun. From the planned launch site in France they planned to rain down destruction on British cities.
"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing," one speaker quoted famous rocket scientist Werner von Braun as saying in his own acknowledgement of the often "chance nature" of R&D.